Care to pay $45,000 for a diamond-studded 50ct Black Spirit Pen?

In this time of recession and credit crunch only billionaires and millionaires are at liberty to splurge without a care in the world. For such carefree folks whose hobbies include collecting pens, here is one pen you must definitely add to your collection. is auctioning the beautiful 50ct Black Spirit Pen. A true jewel, this pen is made from 18kt rose gold and is set with numerous black diamond’s (weighing 50 carats in totality) as well as white diamonds (weighing 8.30 carats in totality). What is more, the nib is also made in 18kt gold. The ergonomically designed diamond studded pen will perfectly complement your majestic lifestyle.

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The pen clip is mounted onto an internal mechanism which allows movement while maintaining a constant spring effect. The pen resides in a beautiful black padded leather box with natural suede interior.
The starting bid for this magnificent writing instrument is $45,000. The auction began on Nov 12 and is slated to end on December 12. Interested buyers may click here to cast their bids for this exclusive pen.

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