Emeralds for Elephants auction fetches $1 million

Well with the life span of earth rapidly reducing (or so they say!), the wildlife has suffered the most. And to help out the World Land Trust and the Wildlife Trust of India, especially for the endangered Asian elephant, the Emeralds for Elephants auction was held. Highlighting the auction was a fiberglass elephant adorned with 678-carat Gemfields emerald called the Emerald Queen designed by Jeweler Sabine Roemer which fetched $227,300.

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The auction also saw eight other unique emerald studded jewelry crafted by skilled designers from the world including Shaun Leane, Theo Fennell and Dominic Jones from UK, Sevan Bicakci from Turkey, Autore by Alessio Boschi from Australia, Francis Mertens from Belgium and J.W. Currens in the United States. These pieces fetched a total of $782,200.

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