Here are 2017’s hottest trends in celebrity beauty treatments

The days when celebrities looking for cosmetic surgery would choose very visible – often tacky – treatments now seem to be long gone. So gone are the days of Pamela Anderson’s implants or Jacko’s skin bleaching. Today’s celebs opt for much less visible, tastier and often modest cosmetic surgery treatments.

With Kylie Jenner leading the wave of young, social media savvy influencers, starlets of the Instagram generation pay attention to the long-term consequences of surgery and choose very subtle – and often very influential – types of surgery.

Endorsed by Khloe Kardashian herself, Kybella is an injectable that eliminates fat around the chin area, basically helping you get rid of a double chin. The product is risk-free as it uses a fat-eating molecule that’s naturally present in the human body (deoxycholic acid) and can be applied very rapidly. But does Khloé actually use the product? Surely! Khloé got real more than once and already talked very candidly about her choice and experience with injectables. Obviously, Khloé wasn’t the only top celebrity using this technique.

Coolsculpting is a very innovative technique already openly endorsed by Kim Kardashian. A trendier alternative to liposuction, the treatment is chosen by celebs about to hit the red carpet the world over. From LA to Paris and London, this is perhaps the biggest 2017 craze in celebrity surgery. Thanks to very precise fat-targeting, cool sculpting is carried out with cold metal panels that freeze the fat cells underneath the skin. The cells are then naturally destroyed by the body, leaving you with a much leaner look. Molly Sims and Gretchen Rossi also endorsed the treatment, which is now chosen by lots of A-listers to eliminate excess fat from the upper bra area ahead of a provocative red carpet appearance.

PRP Injections
PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are performed by basically taking a sample of the patient’s blood to isolate platelets which have very strong healing functions. Platelets can then be applied in selected parts of your body to make them more tonic, youthful and elastic. Both male and female celebs are fans of this specific treatment, which has been gaining momentum in Hollywood year after year. Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and Tiger Woods have all chosen the treatment. A proof of its versatility, even Kobe Bryant used PRP to restore his knees in the final stages of his career!

Vampire facelift
An evolution of PRP treatment, the vampire facelift was chosen by Kim for her face, as seen in ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Miami’. This is a very recent evolution of PRP through laser-based micro needle injections. The technique and its effects were also openly celebrated by Bar Refaeli on Instagram, with a scary and hypnotic photo of the top model.

In the age of social, media long gone are the days when celebs would try to hide cosmetic treatments! So keep the eyes open – the next ground-breaking treatment may come straight to your Instagram feed sometime soon!