$5000 paper house is the best semi-permanent put up one could dream of

Are the soaring real estate prices and the recession coercing you to think of a better alternative? Swiss company Wall AG has the perfect solution for your problem. It has come up with the Universal World House which is a 390- square foot modular home made out of paper shell,(resin soaked cellulose) made from recycled paper. It is outfitted with plumbing and boarding facilities to support upto 8 residents each.

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The recycled paper is shaped into honeycombed walls, which provide structural integrity insulation to the houses. The Universal World House has convertible closed/open-air kitchen with tables, benches and also an awesome feature- That of slaughtering and washing animals inside the cellulose house!! I am curious to see what happens to the house when it rains. The UWH can successfully emerge as the next best eco-friendly home!

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