City of silk boasts of tallest tower and widespread railway network!

Dubai’s got competition. We know for a fact that Dubai wants to be the world’s best at everything. The best hotels, the best buildings, the best recreation etc. But one thing that is clearly taken away by Kuwait is being the tallest tower in the world. They’re also planning on creating a hugely ambitious rail network that would link the Middle East with China. This has to be a really huge railway network as it connects places such as Kuwait, Damascus, Baghdad and Iran with cities in China and in between, all of this starting at Subiya.

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The complex around the tower will also include all sorts of recreation and business attractions, including a wildlife sanctuary. So its the tallest tower, a huge railway network and also recreation. Obviously they will have to burn enormous amounts of money, say as much as $132 billion. Whoa! with such investment, the result is surely gonna be worth seeing!

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