Celeb Starbucks Habits: How Much Does a Coffee Cost When You’re an International Superstar?

It’s widely agreed that Starbucks is the most recognizable brand of coffee in the world. The white and green mermaid winks down from signs in almost every capital city and chances are you’ll always be able to get your latte fix wherever you are on the planet. This is great for our Starbucks-addicted celebs; wherever she’s on tour Britney can always grab her favorite caramel frappuccino, and whether in the UK or US Emma Watson can snap up her indulgent whipped cream-topped mocha frappuccino (someone’s got a sweet tooth!).

But although celebs can bag their favorite Starbucks wherever their busy schedules take them, it doesn’t mean they’ll be forking out the same number of dollars every time they need to get their fix. A study conducted by Couponbox revealed that celebs could pay as much as $3.21 more for a cappuccino in the Swiss capital, Bern, than in Warsaw, capital of Poland. But although European capitals ranked in the top seven most expensive of the 22 surveyed cities in which to snaffle a Starbucks, any NYC-dwelling celebs will be happy to know that the Big Apple ranked at a comfy 14 with the average price of a cappuccino or latte sitting at a solid $3.15.

Other celebs known to be fans of the global coffee giant include no less than ex-President Bill Clinton. Vegan and caffeine-free Bill has been known to opt for a venti iced passion tea or a tall non-fat cappuccino. But here’s hoping his political duties won’t be taking him to Switzerland too often or he could find his coffee habit setting him back many more dollars than he’s accustomed to, even if he used to be the President!

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Taylor Swift is another celeb who has been open about her love of a Starbucks beverage; perhaps that’s because when she’s on one of her intensive global tours she can always get a taste of home. Lyrics to the pop superstar’s smash hit Blank Space have also often been misinterpreted as “lonely Starbucks lovers” instead of “long list of ex-lovers”. Despite confirming that the latter is the correct lyric, perhaps Taylor is actually secretly declaring her love for a latte?!

Other celebs’ passion for a Starbucks has even driven them to get involved in the coffee business themselves. X-Men star Hugh Jackman has been spotted ordering soy cappuccinos and short americanos and has even been inspired to start his own coffee company which donates its profits to charity. Go Wolverine!

To the surprise of some, it can also be confirmed that pop-pixie Ariana Grande doesn’t order only grandes, it’s even been rumored that she favors a venti vanilla bean Frappuccino. It’s nice to see a girl kicking the stereotypes.

And Elijah Wood is no hobbit when it comes to his Starbucks order. Frodo apparently enjoys four espresso shots over ice, perhaps explaining how he has the energy to undertake such epic adventures.