Chris Martin of Coldplay auctions himself for £5,000

Coldplay, one of the most followed bands of today may be coldplaying but they definitely have a benevolent and concerned warm side. Their frontman Chris Martin has gone under the hammer for £5,000 at an auction to raise money for his local primary school. The bidder, a father wins an exclusive one-off performance by the frontman himself in the in the living room of his house for his child at the Canonbury Primary School in North London. The undisclosed parent stumped-up £5000 for the concert after bidding began at £400, quickly ascending into the thousands. The charity auction was presided over by Conservative MP and Islington resident Boris Johnson.

Apparently martin agreed to play as his business partner is a parent at the school. Education is one of the most vital amenities and such incidents are solid examples for people to come forward and pitch in. Thumbs up to Coldplay!