Donald Trump offers to build a $100 million grand ballroom for the White House, free of charge

Though he is willing to splurge a hefty amount to become president, Donald Trump seems to have a better plan for the White House as of yet. He called up David Axelrod, the Obama campaign’s chief strategist, and offered to build the White House a ballroom free of charge. In his words, ‘Listen, every time I see a function, you put an old broken canvas tent that they probably pay some guy, some local guy a fortune for’…I said, ‘I will build you, free of charge,’. This man knows where exactly to place his bucks. The cost, Trump estimates, will be ‘anywhere from $50 to $100 million’. ,” Trump continued. “I will give you a gift and what we’ll do is we’ll hire the top ten architects in the world, hopefully, the United States, but in the world. We’ll have a committee, a review committee set up. We’ll pick the one that everybody agrees, because it’s a little delicate. You know, it is the White House, after all,” he said.

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Donald Trump, who’s hinted at running for president, wants to become the White House architect-in-chief.
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