Ryan Lochte is presented with diamond encrusted gold razors by Gillette

It’s great what medals in the Olympics can bring you- lots of love, fame and gold! Swimmer Ryan Lochte who walked away from the 2012 London Olympics with two golds, two silvers and a bronze, was treated to a special gift from his sponser Gillette. For his phenomenal win, Ryan got a set of razors that are bling bling from every angle. They’re gold-plated and diamond encrusted, leaving Ryan utterly spellbound.

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While few may thing that the ornamental getup of the razors might be bit over the top, Ryan Lochte begs to differ as he is skin deep into bling stuff- a confession he made during the 2012 London Olympics. I find the idea of jewel-encrusted pretty cool, what do you think?

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