The bronze Pamela Anderson twin sculpture, by Marc Quinn

We’ve seen Kate Moss frozen in 50kgs of solid gold before with a sculpture by Marc Quinn. Well, Baywatch fans have their favorite star, the stunning Pamela Anderson in bronze. And it’s a twin sculpture! Meaning twice the amount of “oohs!” and “aahs!”. Marc Quinn sure loves sculpturing Hollywood stars in precious metals. Why chisel an ancient Greek goddess when we have some of them living in our times!

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The sculpture basically pokes at people who have changed the outside of their bodies to fit how they feel inside, according to Quinn. Marc also came up with sculptures of the cat-faced man and the man-who-got-pregnant. Pamela Anderson was picked as a subject for his art simply because she changed herself mainstream in a way. For about $74,000 to $520,000, you can grab one of this creations.
Watch out for the Michael Jackson sculpture, guessing which might probably in silver or platinum.

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