Antoinette chair: An elegant chair that doubles up as a room divider

Modern furniture pieces are more like functional pieces of art than just mere seating pieces. The unique Antoinette chair by Cate & Nelson too falls in this category. The modern chair that is all set to be launched draws is its inspiration from one of history’s significant personalities, Mary Antoinette. Oozing the 18th century charm, this chair takes its shape from a corset-like structure. What is more, the elegant chair functions as a room divider as well!

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The structure is covered in translucent fabric that offers discretion without cutting the user off from the surrounding action. The translucent layer is held in place by a beautiful red belt that enhances the femininity of this classy chair. A grand piece of furniture, it beautifully merges traditional elements with modern design. The unique chair can be easily disassembled when not in use.
Interested folks can have a look at this beautiful chair at the Stockholm Furniture Fair where she is currently displayed.

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