Azure Dragon minaudière from Judith Leiber

Every time I say that Judith Leiber has presented the finest piece ever, I am made to eat my words. So yet again I stand corrected as Judith Leiber outdoes itself with the latest offering, the Azure Dragon minaudière. A beauty, it appeals to you with its unique blend of modern design and fantasy. The fantasy or fictional dragon makes for a beautiful pattern and has you thinking of many things together, the East, fairytales and of course mythology. The Azure Dragon or the blue dragon ensures you make a style statement, at the same time guarding your moolah. The exquisite minaudière boasts of a 19” chain and top snap closure.

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Measuring 7.5″ wide, 4″ tall, 1.75″ deep, this beautiful accessory comes residing in an attractive box with a protective signature bag. An accessory for the fashionista who dares to be different, it is priced at $4795 and available here.