Cheltenham Festival: What to Wear to Britain’s Most Luxurious Racing Event

As the famous four-day Cheltenham Festival approaches, there is sure to be plenty of important questions racing through your mind. What does one do whilst watching the horses? How would I place a bet on a winner? Where is the best place to be during the Festival? Of course, the one of the most important question for us ladies here at Luxury Launches is: what do we wear to such an event?

The Cheltenham Festival began in 1860 and comprises of four days: Champion Day, Ladies Day, St Patrick’s Day and Gold Cup Day. As part of the National Hunt season, the Festival usually takes place in March and attracts thousands of spectators who can choose from a variety of seats, stands, restaurants, bars, shop and even live bands. Of course, many attendees and onlookers alike enjoy the Festival as it allows them to really get involved with the fun through wagering, with many researching and studying Cheltenham Festival 2017 betting with William Hill, an online bookmaker which provides odds for all 28 races, as well as promotions and special markets. Meanwhile, others attend the Festival to unite and socialise with other horse jumping fanatics.

As for attire, though the event is always one of the fanciest to occur all year in Britain, your attire needn’t be too over the top. In fact, the secret to racing festival style is simplicity as tailoring, texture and accessories will keep you looking chic without overdoing it. So, to help you create the perfect outfit for a day at the Great British races, here are our top tips.

Statement Coats
As the Cheltenham Festival takes place during March, there is bound to be a chill in the air despite the sun (hopefully) making an appearance now and again. This means that your coat must be just as fashionable as your frock so as not to ruin your outfit. We recommend a tailored, long jacket made out of heavy materials such as crepe or wool as these are sure to keep you warm throughout the four days. Of course, if we had to pick the perfect coat for Cheltenham Racecourse it would be made of tweed, as it is perhaps the most iconic fabric of the Festival.

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Beneath your coat, it is a fantastic idea to swaddle yourself in a few layers of knitwear made of lambswool or cashmere to ensure you stay nice as toasty whilst toasting the races. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, try to aim for a mid-calf length to keep the chill off whilst remaining within the realms of elegant-yet-relaxed.

Ankle boots or knee-high boots – it doesn’t matter as long as you are wearing a pair of boots. Not only will they look incredibly stylish when paired with the rest of your outfit, but they will also keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout the long days. If you are going to be wearing heels, we recommend a thick heel as these are sure to serve you better than a stiletto as the day wears on.

Finally, pull your entire outfit together and set it apart from everyone else’s with unique accessories. A fur collar or cashmere scarf, a suede belt with a big buckle and a leather bag are just some of the extras that can accompany your outfit and really make you stand out. Also, if you are attending Ladies Day then you will absolutely need to invest in a Percher, Pill Box or some other form of fancy hat as Ladies Day is just as much about fashion as it is racing.