Fendi Spy Bag in Fur looks Awesome But…

A name to reckon with in the fashion world; Fendi has now come out with their ‘ever popular’ Spy Bag in Fur. I seriously am upset with the makers of this bag. Here we have so many organizations like PETA and all trying to dissuade people from buying fur clothing. And these guys go ahead and make a fur purse. I mean how cozy do you want a non-living thing to feel! Made from silver gray fur with silver leather pleated handles, the bag looks classy, only if it were from faux fur we would have appreciated it better. Keeping with the winter trends the colors are perfect for this season, to bad they (Fendi) have red on their hands! The other versions of this style include Denim, Crepe and Pleated leather.

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The Fendi Spy Bag in Fur is available for $8800.