First Lady Michelle Obama’s outfit pinned up in New York exhibit

The attire worn by First Lady Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day that earned her acclaim for her fashion sense, was put up on display on Wednesday at the New York exhibit. Designed by Cuban-born Isabel Toledo, the sheath dress and matching coat is now one of the most famous dresses in the world and has already become a piece of history. Obama’s unusual choice of the designer Isabel Toledo who was largely unknown outside the fashion world was noticed and so was her choice of colors- The Toledo dress is a muted ‘lemon-grass’ which is largely contrasting to the Reds or Blues that the former First Ladies preferred.

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The dress which was matched with Jimmy Choo shoes and gloves by the more affordable J.Crew is apt for a First Lady as it was conservative and also had a powerful presence. Her choice of good design over the clichéd preference of high-priced designer wear led to her Meteoric rise in the fashion world and also echoed her husband in the world of politics. The Toledo outfit is on loan for the exhibit and is set to become part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian.

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