Jean Paul Gaultier designs a $1,200 dress and other pieces of couture for kids

It may take them years in design school (not to mention, growing up) to truly know and appreciate the meaning of ‘couture’ but little girls can now find the finest tailoring in their garments. All thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier’s eponymous label. The French couturier has gone all out this time and created a couture line for children. The ultra-luxe line takes inspiration from his spring 2013 couture line for adults and is set for next spring.

Junior Gaultier Couture made its debut with one silk and tulle dress. Created in two colors, white and bright pink, its billowing crinoline skirt comes offset by a simple T-shirt silhouette. No reason for it to replace a regular day-in-the-park, pret-a-porter frock, still! Not to mention, this one comes embellished with Swarovski crystals.

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Gaultier styled the dress with patent-leather combat boots in a promotional image. Which is great! For styling! I just can’t say the same about the little Swarovski-studded-couture-coveters. Or say anything at all in fact, after hearing the said garment is priced at approximately $1,200. Except that it isn’t your average kids’ clothing fare. There are 90 of its designs available in sizes for those from 4 to 14 years of age.

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[Via – Canoe]