Louis Vuitton Whiskey Case for $35,000

Louis Vuitton has a great expertise in trunks and cases, may it be a trunk for surgical cases or a trunk for shoes, they sew it up with perfection and sophistication. This time around, the French luxury goods house has come up with an updated, ultra-luxe version of the classic Whiskey Case portable bar that the firm first released in 1955. The case worth $35,000 is available in a choice of Taiga leather or its iconic monogram canvas as well. The elegant case is constructed entirely by hand at Vuitton’s atelier in France with fittings, hasps and locks of silvered solid brass.

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The accessories that accompany it include a silver ice bucket with tongs, silver cocktail sticks in a pull-out drawer, four crystal whiskey tumblers, a crystal decanter with a silver lid and two crystal “Coupelle” dishes in separate compartments. The Louis Vuitton Whiskey Case is available by special order and makes for an amazing portable case that can be comfortably carried outside.

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