Studded with thousands of Swarovski crystals this $25,000 jumpsuit is the most expensive in the world

Juicy couture is the go to name for style-maniacs who like a bit of kink in their wardrobes. And for giving you just that with a ten X notch up, the brand recently collaborated with Swarovski for an exclusive crystal studded collection. The glittery ensemble comes with sixteen pieces, each spelling class, style and crystals all along the way!

Curated by stylist and Chief Director of Juicy couture, Jamie Mizrahi, the collection presents eclectic velour pieces including, tracksuits, jumpsuits, shorts and crop tops, all finished with the brand’s signature logo. While the entire ensemble is a sparkle wonder, the piece that caught our attention the most is a full body crystal jumpsuit with its $25,670 price tag! There’s also the crystal-studded shorts for $2,663, a cute baby pink hoodie for $1,403 and a very chic Red Roomper for $1,030 that deserve an instant buy-out per us!

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The Juicy and Swarovski’s collection also allows buyers to customize pieces of their choice for a more personalized touch. Basically speaking, you can get your name or your initial printed onto any of these crystal studded beauties and shine out far and wide! Currently, the collection is up for grabs on Let’s pour some bling in our dull lives now, shall we!

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