Suits cut from the world’s most expensive cloth offered by Holland and Sherry

Holland & Sherry, the Scotland based premium fabric weaver and cloth merchant, founded in 1836 has had the reputation for making fine quality suits since a very long time. Now, the storied firm has woven the world’s first 100 per cent worsted spun Vicuna fabric which happens to be the most luxurious and expensive in the world at over $4000 per yard. The material comes from the Vicuna Llama, which is a rare animal producing tiny amounts of very fine wool and it took H&S about 5 years to gather enough of the special yarn and another one and a half years to develop the unique cloth.

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H & S have woven sufficient material to make just 18 suits from the fabrics, which is justified if it costs $50,000 per suit. The suits are available in 3 colors, black, midnight and natural. The first among the line up of customers to place the order is the King of Morocco. The suits are truly unique, exclusive and luxurious since they possess a texture that makes them feel softer than cashmere.

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