Jacuzzi Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer for a spa touch at home

In this day and age, homeowners can have it all! What do you think about a home bath that is as luxurious as any day spa? Right in the comforts of your own bathing den, you can now have a Jacuzzi Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer for a total spa effect. Jacuzzi, the same company that had whirlpools, has now introduced the Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer. You can drape up to four towels in heat-generating poles tucked in a drawer, and in 15 minutes the towel is heated to 120 degrees. The drawers come in 24 and 42 inches wide and 30 or 39 inches high.

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A toasty sum of $2,000 is needed to keep your linens cozier than ever.