A $80,000 gigapixel 3D display wall creates an immersive environment

If you’ve dreamt of making absurdly detailed high resolution images and happen to have a house with really big walls, then gigapixel photography might render your dream a reality. Well, it’s not that simple, you also need a second gigapixel image to render the whole thing in stereo 3D. The Kaust display wall from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a live example of epic gigapixel photography. A partial hemisphere is created from 14 3D displays stacked together. When you have your 3D glasses on and you stand in front of it, you witness a surreal scene of being is a different place altogether. It’s pretty incredible!

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A specially modified Gigapan system that puts two cameras together approximately eye width apart extents to yet another visual delight. If you’re seriously contemplating on having one in your living room, then the hardware unit should set you back somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000. If you’re considering high-tech wall art, you might want to take a look at the Planar Mosaic LCD tiles.

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