Bespoke solid gold iPhone case by Miansai makes a $10,000 statement

The hip-hoppers and gold diggers in the house, listen up. Designer Michael Saiger of Miansai have launched a made-to-order high-end iPhone case comprised of 14k gold. You can jazz up your phone in either the traditional yellow gold or the slicker rose gold with the option of a sober matte finish or a polished finish. You also get the choice of emblazoning whatever you like on the case. Each custom made case is individually numbered and engraved.

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Unlike the wolf pack which is a 24 carat gold iPhone case priced at $655, Miansai’s tag at $10,000 is enough to make a deep dent in your pocket. But we know several people who forget about everything else when it comes to spending on an Apple product and when it comes to bling.