Electrolux unveils bespoke Molteni cooking ranges priced at $100,000

Kitchen ranges as we know them best aren’t the best examples of luxury, or so we thought. Swedish appliance maker Electrolux recently unveiled this swanky cooker range called the Molteni. A mile apart from the conventional cooking range we’re all too used to exploiting, this appliance is good enough to leave amateurs and even professional chefs smiling. Made to order and crafted as per each customer’s tastes, the Molteni comes with a vacuum packer, fryer and a food mixer with built-in security system to keep thieves away. Customers can choose from a range of materials and colors and also select the dimensions of their cooking ranges. Priced at a whopping $100,000, the stores are crafted at the original Molteni factory in Saintu-Uze, France, and are built to last.

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