Koenigsegg Notebooks arrive in orange and black

Koenigsegg has also followed the tracks of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Koenigsegg Automotive AB is the manufacturer of the fastest car in the world. Together with Intel and Trademark Design they have designed Koenigsegg Notebook. The laptop will be available in two models. The colors of the laptops complement their respective car series! CCR version (2.13GHz Centrino) is a superior model and comes in fancy orange while the CC8S version (1.7 GHz Intel Centrino) is cased in black.

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Koenigsegg Notebook CC8S may not be as fast as the CCR version but still has tons of power. Both models have a big Koenigsegg logo plastered on top and prices begin around $2,040. With respect to its technical specifications, it is believed that this notebook doesn’t integrate much to rave about.

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