LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ shines in metallic grey

Donning on a new color, LG Shine ‘Titanium Shine’ is all set to overrule the success of its predecessor Black Label Series. Incorporating the same remarkable features as the original LG Shine handset, the full metal case is now sports a sophisticated metallic grey hue. It is rightly put that ‘Edgier than black and more chic than silver, LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ combines the best of both looks and will allow both men and women to shine.’ I’m glad as this is a fresh change to the endless black handsets available lately. Those who favor new trends will jump out of their chairs to get a hand on this one too.
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This shiny design defies its high-tech functionality which includes a 2 mega-pixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach. Access to LG Shine’s menu system is by an easy-to-use multi-function scroll wheel and on board software includes a comprehensive music player (with MP3 WAV and AAC++), GPRS and EDGE network compatibility and Bluetooth. LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ will be launched in the UK, France, Netherlands and Austria and will be available in major mobile dealerships from the end of July.

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