Loewe launches its flagship Reference ID televisions in UK, priced at $7,000 upwards

Loewe, one of Europe’s biggest electronics manufacturers hailing from Germany, has finally launched its top-of-the-line Reference ID flagship television screens in the United Kingdom. The television was first shown off in 2012 at the IFA and will hit store-shelves in UK by July this year. Those who’ve experienced this TV first-hand are quick to point out at the Loewe Reference ID television is set apart from the rest in terms of design, picture and sound quality. The television offers a 400Hz Full HD 3D panel topped with LED backlighting and an anti-reflective coating.

Apart from that, the Reference ID television also sports a contrast system that detects the light in a room and sets the picture accordingly! The TV also performs well in the audio aspect and includes a multi-channel decoder and Dolby Digital technology with an output of 160 watts of power. Loewe will have three sizes of this television on sale, 40, 46 and 55-inches. While the 40 inch display will cost about $7,000, the 46 and 55-inch displays will be priced at approximately $8,500 and $10,100 respectively.

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[Via – Pocket-Lint and Engadget]