Oh by Tutondu is a Sci-fi themed sound system

My speakers are pyramid shaped and I’m looking for a change. So when I laid my eyes on the futuristic looking speakers, Oh by Tutondo, they peaked my interest as I’d like this transition from ancient to modern. Another feature going in its favour is that they are equipped with a centralised system which enables the entire house to enjoy the sound. A speciality of these cool speakers is the multi-position design that allows you to attach them to any wall or ceiling. The price of the speakers is on the higher end, but at least they don’t compromise on quality. They start at €400 for the speaker with ground support and will set you back about €2500 for a home theater system consisting of 2 speakers with ground support, 3 speakers with multi-position support, and 1 active subwoofer.

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These speakers by Tutondo not only look good, but deliver quality an convenience.