The 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player for audiophiles with deep pockets

What if you could have a CD-player that not only restores music from your CD’s but also fixes recording errors? Well, now you can, thanks to the 808.3 Signature Reference CD Player. The CD player comes with several audio input options like analogue, digital, and a new balanced digital audio SpeakerLink input along with a sophisticated volume control. It will also feature an ID40 Sooloos Card to connect it directly to a network similar to a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System to render the audio streamed across the network.

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The 808.3 has the proprietary DSP based ‘apodising’ up-sampling system from Meridian. A new set of twin SpeakerLink outputs help you connect left and right DSP Loudspeakers directly to the 808.3 making the wiring structure and cables even easier to structure and eventually hide.
The CD Player will be available in three colors: Graphite, Silver and Black apart from the full range of Meridian Select color options. The player is priced at approximately $19,995.

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