5 things you need to create a luxurious dressing table

Whilst beauty bloggers fill their Instagram feeds with gorgeous snaps of their perfectly polished wardrobes and bathrooms, you’re left looking sadly at your own lacklustre excuse for a dressing table.
Empty bottles of perfume, dusty mascara tubes you haven’t touched in years, moulting brushes that have seen better days – it’s so unappealing, you’d rather face the trial of applying your face on the tube every morning than sit down in front of that tired old mirror.
You may be just about ready to give up on your dreams of having a dressing table that’d make Zoella cry with jealousy, but don’t throw in the towel quite yet.
To help you get your grooming routine back in tip-top shape, we’re sharing five top tips for treating your dressing table to a much-needed spring clean. Take a look.

#1: find the perfect table
The best dressing tables strike the perfect balance between design and practicality, offering plenty of drawers and storage for hiding random bits-and-bobs away whilst also adding a touch of sophisticated class to your bedroom.
From vintage to sleek minimalism, you’ll find lots of different styles online (La Redoute has some great options that look super chic but won’t break the bank).

#2: be organised
The number one thing that’ll ruin even a beautiful, hardwood dressing table is clutter. To keep yours looking pretty and calm, you need to get organised.
Start by throwing out any old products you no longer use (most makeup and skincare products have short shelf lives anyway). Sort whatever’s left into a proper system, storing it in perfume trays, brush holders and makeup organisers so that there’s a place for everything.

#3: pick an Instagram-worthy colour scheme
For an Instagram-worthy dressing table, you need to find a strong colour scheme and stick to it. Right now, there’s nothing more fashionable or popular than pink – it’s all over the high street and runways.
Make sure all your accessories and grooming products are colour coordinated for maximum impact. We like Real Techniques rose gold makeup brushes and Mark Hill’s ombre-packaged hair goodies and curling wand. They’re not only great styling tools, they’ll also fit in perfectly with your theme.

#4: get the lighting right
We cannot overemphasise how important it is that you get the lighting right for your dressing table. Too dark and you won’t be able to see as far as your mascara brush (very dangerous!), too bright and the resulting reflection in the mirror won’t be very flattering.
Go for softer overall lighting to give the entire room a warm glow, but leave a spotlight for closeups by adding a table-top makeup mirror.

#5: add a few finishing touches
Really want to transform your dressing table into a luxurious, self-indulgent space just for you? It’s all in the finishing touches.
Flowers (in keeping with your colour scheme, of course) will instantly boost the mood and a framed photo of a special memory will lend some personality, whilst lighting a candle or two will help create a calming atmosphere.