Baccarat designs revolutionary new wine glasses

While wine is not my choice of drink, I do enjoy a glass every now and then. And if you ask the true wine connoisseur, you will realize that it is not just the wine but also the glass which plays an important role in ensuring you get that perfect taste of wine. Most wine connoisseurs argue that the alcohol overpowers the aroma of wine when the glass is swirled. Giving due consideration to this age old argument, French luxury crystal glassmaker Baccarat in its bid to revolutionize the experience of drinking wine with their new line of wine glasses.

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These glasses of wine feature a new design which according to Baccarat will prevent the alcohol from overpowering the aroma of wine when the glass is swirled. The tulip-shaped glass, with a wide flat base and a vertical “chimney”, is said to prevent the usual large-scale swirling movement which oxidizes the wine and burns off the delicate aromas, and retains the subtlety in the vintages, the firm said.
A must try for the wine connoisseurs, these ergonomically designed wine glasses flaunt a $116 price tag and went on sale in France earlier this year. They were also launched in China and Hong Kong last month.
[Bacarrat via NYDailyNews]

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