Stockinger for Bentley a truly stylish and extravagant safe

For years, people have gone to great efforts in their various to attempts to preserve objects of value. Over the years, the locksmith profession has evolved from creating safe boxes to safes that combine style and technical vision. At Stockinger, locksmiths are dedicated to design, engineering and craftsmanship and their newest safe, “Stockinger for Bentley” exhibits just that, With leather linings, brushed aluminium interior finish, seven layer lacquer and design elements typical of Bentley interiors, the Stockinger for Bentley will be limited to 200 safes in two models – with and without watch winders.

Every single Stockinger safe is a unique and bespoke masterpiece. Its surface is carefully and conscientiously primed, painted and sanded off during an 18-stage process of manufacture and finished with the finest carnauba wax to give it an unusual optical depth. The safe is available in all standard Bentley exterior colors while the interiors can be created combining 10 Stockinger interior suedes and three wood veneer panels, giving customers several combinations. The Bentley handle itself weighs 3.5 kgs and comes milled in a 16-hour process from a single block of brass. The grip is then sanded, polished, chromed and lacquered for its jewel-like finish and further completed with the Bentley “B” at the center of the handle. The finish on its six safe drawers and on the safe door is identical to the Bentley dashboard texture, known as engine turning, a labor-intensive process traditionally found on the racing cockpit interior of one of Bentley’s earliest cars, the Bentley Blower.

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Bentley Arnage detail
The very safe and secure Stockinger Safe retails from €84,000 ($114,973) to €96,000 ($131,396).

Bentley 8v Arnage Dark blue sapphire - Birds eye maple - Cognac

Bentley Arnage 8v Black - Dark Burr walnut

Bentley Arnage drawers open

Bentley Arnage handle

Bentley Arnage lock

Bentley Arnage watch winder

Bentley Continental handle

bentley safe 2

bentley safe

Bentley white sand closed

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