Bollinger James Bond Champagne Cooler celebrates the Quantum of Solace


James Bond knows his stuff, so if he decides to go with Bollinger champagne, then you should follow suit with your eyes shut. It has been his choice of drink from the time he made his debut half a century back. With the Quantum of Solace just around the corner, it is natural to see tones of Bond items pop up. Bollinger have released a limited edition champagne cooler in the shape of a bullet of the Walther PPK. You know the Walther PPK, its Bond’s weapon of choice to stylishly point at his enemies. The bullet is designed to fit and cool a bottle of Bollinger inside. This is pure style. If you are a true Bond fan and a rich one, you can’t let this item pass you by.

Bollinger are going to put out only two hundred and seven of the bullet champagne cooler. The demand is obviously going to be more than the supply, so you better get at Oenothèques to secure one for yourself.