Elertus keeps an electronic eye on your wine cellar

Securing your finest bottle of vine is no easy feat and now with Elertus of Draper, Utah’s Elertus Wine Protection System, wine enthusiasts can keep an eye on their wine cellar at all times, ensuring the bottles are stored properly and that no one is helping themselves to the odd bottle or two. While expensive wine cellars may not suit everyone’s budget and commercial climate-controlled cabinets may not be too reliable, the new protection system which sells for $199 comes handy as it uses a wireless sensor that monitors temperature, humidity, and movement.

The Elertus Wine Protection System consists of a battery-powered wireless sensor that hooks itself into your home’s Wi-Fi network. From where it’s installed, the system constantly monitors temperature and humidity conditions and transmits the readings to a smartphone app on your phone, allowing you to keep an eye on storage conditions. The system also sends alerts when preset temperature and humidity levels are reached. The sensor is also equipped with a motion detector, which alerts the owner if anyone tries to open the door or remove a bottle.


[Via – Gizmag]