Jaguar drives up the wall to become a bookshelf

We’ve seen a Lamborghini beautify a wall and also cars remodeled to suit other needs such as the 1965 Mustang pool table or the Pool Table Car. It is a fad alright and this time we get to see a vintage Jaguar reborn as a bookshelf. The classic sedan underwent several modifications to fit the definition of a bookshelf. The designers had to remove the engine in order to cut down on the weight and they also cut out a large rectangle in the roof to make way for shelving. Personally, I wouldn’t like seeing such a beautiful Jag to be vertically parked up as a bookshelf. It is like buying an expensive diamond necklace and decorating it on a showcase!

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The Jag bookshelf is the brainchild (or brainless child) of Dutch design studio. They created to suit the interiors for a project they call “Dutch Mountain”- an eco friendly house fashioned to look like a mini-mountain.
[Via Dvice]