Four Seasons Milan opens doors to its Chic Chocolate room

So what if Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is a bit beyond our reach. That dreamy land of chocolate and just chocolate comes closer at The Four Seasons Hotel Milano. The hotel makes space for their legendary Chocolate Room, which opens every year under a different theme. This year it debuts with a fashionable new look, renamed as the “Chic”olate Room. True to its theme, the space will showcase chocolate designed in extraordinarily stylish ways.

Fifteen two-metre high panels clad the room’s walls – each carefully decorated and painted with chocolate depicting fashion sketch-style on-trend silhouettes, mixed with fashion prints and camouflage patterns. This next to, plinths stacked with chocolate bags and stilettos, and chocolate busts decorated with elaborate necklaces and hand-painted hats.

Created by Pastry Chef Johannes Walk, he got his inspiration from Milan’s fashion district of picturesque streets fronted with luxury boutiques — a short stroll from the Hotel itself.

Using 120 kilograms of dark, milk and white French chocolate, it took Johannes over 100 hours to create the room. A life-sized chocolate mannequin clad in a dress made of ribbons and discs of white, dark and milk chocolate is the room’s masterpiece.

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“When guests walk in here their jaws drop. It is so exciting to watch them react to the room — every one really is like a child in a candy store,” Johannes said.

On Sundays, the room is replete with as many as 15 chocolate themed desserts, such as chocolate panna cotta and chocolate Sacher cake, and dessert is served to diners of the Hotel’s famed Brunch. The “Chic”olate Room can also be rented for any private, exclusive dinner or event. The cost for renting the room for private dinners or events depends on number of participants and the dates chosen. However, because of the strong scent of chocolate in the room, the hotel limits the maximum capacity for private events to eight seats.

[Via – Four-Seasons-Milan]