A $150,000 Diamond Jubilee gold egg unveiled as the prize for Faberge Egg Hunt

The wait is finally over; Fabergé Big Egg Hunt has been launched and at the end of the line is a glittering golden prize. Unveiled by actress Emilia Fox at Fabergé’s central London boutique, the prize on offer is a shimmering diamond jubilee rose gold egg studded with 60 gemstones representing the years of the Queen’s reign.

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Set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires the egg is said to be worth £100,000 ($157,750). The egg hunt would send luxury lovers on a wild hunt across London to locate over 200 eggs decorated by big names such as Bruce Oldfield, Sir Ridley Scott and Zandra Rhodes. Each egg features a keyword that need to be texted to 80001. Funds raised through the event will support charities like the Elephant Family and Action for Children and the decorated eggs used for the event will go under the hammer when the hunt finishes at Easter.

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