Be-ez MacBook bag

The proliferation of gadgets in our lives has created a huge market for accessories in their trail, not to mention protective bags to carry them round. Everyone loves carrying a cool gizmo and strut their stuff. But if you wanna be the envy of everyone’s eyes you gotta do it in style. Confused? Don’t be cause Be-ez reveals the first MacBook bag. What good is a Macbook alone if u don’t have something to bag it! French company Be-ez has announced it’s excitingly named LE13. This bag, which is the first of its ilk, is a protective durable satchel, designed to carry Macbooks and paper work, but with the added bonus of security with its specifically designed pockets.

Now you can carry your luggage and do it in style. A perfect example of modern minimalism and reasonably priced at £44.95. ‘BAG IT’!