CAO Vision Sensi-Box High-Tech Cigar Humidor is ready to be sold!

CAO has introduced a new High-Tech Cigar Humidor called CAO Vision Sensi-Box that will go on sale today. The Sensi-Box is equipped with a portable high-tech humidor that features a built-in hygrometer that displays on the box the current humidity. It keeps the humidity at the ideal 68 to 70%. Humidipak (small package filled with liquid that regulates the humidity) is what helps the box to achieve that level successfully. When you open the white box blue LEDs light up the interior giving it a special glow.

The CAO Vision cigar comes in three flavors:
1.CAO Vision Catalyst (20 cigars): $240.00
2.CAO Vision Epiphany (20 cigars): $280.00
3.CAO Vision Prana (20 cigars): $320.00
A single cigar costs between $12-$16.