World’s richest people get listed daily by Bloomberg Billionaires Index

For those of you who religiously like to keep a record of the world’s wealthiest persons, you don’t have to wait all year for Forbes annual list anymore. Bloomberg has launched the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. This Index factors in a real-time assessment of the top 1% on a daily basis. The evaluation is done every evening at 5.30 pm and measures their worth with inputs from stock market, economic indicators and news report. On the first day of the launch on Sunday, the lead for the richest person in the world was Carlos Slim, the Mexican tycoon, followed by Bill Gates with a net worth of $68.5 billion and $62.4 billion respectively.

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At third place was Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. Since the Index measures the person’s fortune on a daily basis, all of us the 99 percenters have the honor of seeing the changes unfold in real-time. If the wealthy person makes a fortune it is visible to us and if they loose it, that too is visible to us.
The only person excluded from this list is New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Even though he is eligible, he is excluded because of his interests in the company.

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