La Prairie Pure Gold for Glowing Skin

Your vitality and the magical glows seem to be over-shadowed by those worrisome aging lines and the signs of time appear to me more noticeable. So La Prairie’s Pure Gold can do which other anti-ageing products might fail to do. Gold is definitely known for its wonders on the human mind. But in here this products poses to be a revolutionary, multi-faceted microemulsion to restore look of health, youth, and vitality. Hmm…so you’d be all geared to steal away the hearts with your enthralling radiance and the lovely smile.

The formula is developed by the luxury cosmetics company to recapture the youth of the skin. The de-aging concentrate is a “microemulsion” of 24K gold micro-particles that “lifts, firms, resurfaces, brightens the skin.” The bottle packs just one ounce of the formula so you shouldn’t take long to sings its praises .it is priced at $525. They say beauty is priceless…