Men can hide their age too with Swarovski studded SQOOM LUXURY

Like women men age too you know, and especially for the metro-sexual breed age is not just a number! So the Germans have taken it upon themselves to restore the cracks that aging creates in a man’s self esteem and that too in luxury and style! A revolutionary new product called SQOOM LUXURY by Schick Medical GmbH, which defines ‘real luxury’, as ‘youth, beauty and time’ helps you reduce the signs of aging!

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This one-of-a-kind tool helps you reduce signs of aging at the push of a button. The various treatments it supports include cleansing, massage, nutrition, lifting, whitening and wrinkle care. The luxury model of this ageless gadget comes embedded with stunning Swarovski crystals on the base stand. And at $1,845 it is quite affordable, especially if you get back your youthful skin in return!

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