Salt and Pepper Orbs from Andi Kovel

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire; and where there’s salt, there’s pepper. These Salt and Pepper Orbs from Andi Kovel are a spice for the eye as well as the palate! A table isn’t complete without them. The word “Orb”, from the Latin orbis ‘circle’, is another name for a round object, especially a disk or a sphere. So add a touch of class to your sphere with these glass ewers. The glass is blown to order and each is individually shaped, so there will be a slight distinction between shakers. We particularly liked them as they’re made from recycled glass stock and processed in an electric furnace that’s powered by wind energy. Go green!

Both the salt and pepper orbs stand about 4″ high and fill from the bottom, which is sealed with a cork. Add zest to your recipes for just $159.