Shining bright with eco friendly bulbs

And just when you thought that lighting companies were doing all they could to go green with low energy LED bulbs, the chandelier space was also invaded by the LED. This eco friendly lighting has been powering, what is being called the world’s largest chandelier. Constructed by Meyda Tiffany for the Stanley Theatre in Utika, New York, the chandelier is 7000 pounds heavy, 35 feet wide and 17 feet tall. Made of steel, glass and acrylic the chandelier is finished in gold and bronze to complement the theater’s Mexican Baroque Moorish theme.

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Also, featuring 328 LED lights that have been manufactured by Philips Lexeon, this gigantic piece only uses 1120 watts of electricity! Electrified? With LED lights being the next big thing as they are seven times for efficient than a light bulb and last seven and a half time more than a conventional bulb, one can only hope homes soon start getting more eco friendly and start using the same. Come on, dig out that green-lover in you already!

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