Sky Atlantic takes glamour to the next level in Riviera — these 5 Côte d’Azur properties are the last word in luxury

Juila Stiles is the feisty widow of a mysterious art mogul in Sky Atlantic’s high-octane thriller Riviera. But besides the fast-paced plot what really gets pulses racing are the stunning locations — murder and intrigue have never had a more beautiful backdrop. So here are five dream homes that epitomise French Riviera elegance.

Chateau Diter
The show’s centrepiece property is this sprawling palazzo near Grasse. Built by businessman Patrick Diter in 2006, it features expansive gardens and two helicopter pads. And brands like Bulgari and Cartier have paid 75,000 Euros to hire the palatial pile as a party venue.
Dieter’s infamous parties may soon be a hazy memory though — a neighbouring couple driven to distraction by the revelry have just won a court battle that may result in the mansion being demolished. Character Constantine Clios meets his fiery demise in an exploding yacht in the small careen show, but forest fires that blight the region are fact rather than fiction. So when you splash out on a similar property, invest in building services for fire protection as a safeguard.

Tour Oden Sky Penthouse Monaco
If you’re yearning for a brief respite from buying billion dollar artworks this sleek hideaway has it all.Just 300 million Euros bags you a fantastic five floor penthouse in the tallest building in the principality. And your accountant may confirm that Monaco residency affords you a little flexibility when it comes to pesky tax arrangements.

Villa Leopolda
Rumour has it this magnificent mansion in the Nice hills was sold to Bill Gates at some point in the past few years. What’s slightly more certain is that it popped into the portfolio of a reclusive Russian billionaire in 2008 for 200 million Euros.

Villa Picolette
This sumptuous villa was home to literary legend F Scott Fitzgerald and inspired ‘Tender is the Night’. Its seven bedrooms, banqueting area and disco bar make it perfect for decadent parties. Listed at a cool $35.5 million in 2013, you should expect to pay even more for this Art Deco delight the next time it pops up in real estate brochures.

Villa Notre-Dame-de-Vie
This 35-room rustic villa in Mougins was the final home of art colossus Pablo Picasso. Understated architecture and ancient olive groves make this 18th century masterpiece the perfect pad for well-heeled creative types. But it also has a tennis court and swimming pool to keep guests toned and tanned. Priced at $220 million in 2013 and sold for an undisclosed sum in January 2017 to London-based financier Rayo Withanage, it’s the ultimate purchase for art aficionados. Fitzgerald described the region as his ‘sun-kissed otherwhere’ in the Jazz Age but these properties prove that the French Riviera is still in a luxurious league of its own. Where are your favourite luxury locations? Share your stories in the comments section below.