This is what the worlds largest model train set looks like – And it $13 million

What could you buy for $13 million? A mega mansion? A couple of luxury cars? A few trips around the world? How about the world’s largest model train set?

Created by brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun in Hamburg, Germany this teeny tiny marvel is not just a set of trains, but a model world, with harbors and airports, roads and buildings that span several countries including Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and even faraway America.

The set features about 8 miles of track as well as 4,000 buildings and 215,000 figurines. It is illuminated by 200,000 LED lights. The set-up utilizes sophisticated software to control and direct the movement of its many transport vehicles including trucks, cars, planes and boats.

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The cost of building this teeny tiny civilization called Miniatur Wunderland has been $13 million so far and will probably rise as and when newer features and sections are added to it.

This labor of love is now a popular tourist attraction. Learn more at the official website:

[ Via : Businessinsider ]