This week in Luxpresso – Christian Louboutin, Zegna and Moet & Chandon promote men-power


This week Luxpresso woos men with luxe news. All those who insist on putting their best foot forward in London can rush to Christian Louboutin’s 1st store for men at Dover Street. Ermenegildo Zegna and Estee Lauder have also teamed up to help men to wear Essenze which is pure luxury fragrance. Already welcomed well at two Zegna stores in the United States, Essenze will be available at other Zegna stores in April. Men are dominating the promotional scene too. When the world’s no. 2 tennis player, Roger Federer, is signed up their brand ambassador, Moet & Chandon can only look forward to a boost in sales as well as fans.

If holiday plans are still pending then take a look at the list of Top New Hotels that Opened in 2012. The have rounded up hotels from all over the world that offer the best in every kind of experience. New Zealand’s Minaret Station is accessible only by helicopter and offers stone lodge with tented suites. For a chocoholic like me, Hotel Chocolat at St Lucia is the most sinful destination.
If saying ‘I do’ is on your cards, then take a look at the exotic destination wedding venues here.
Traveling to such far off locations requires flying which in turn adds on to your carbon footprint. If you intend to put your green foot forward while flying then Gulftream is working on it. Gulfstream is the first manufacturer to fly its demonstration aircraft on bio fuels.Powered by a 50/50 blend of the green jet fuel and petrol-based fuel from Gulfstream base in Savannah, Georgia, the planes ensure a green flight.