800 horsepower Falen for Scots

The Geneva Motor Show, March 2009 will witness a phenomenal set of four wheels that has made its way right out of the gaming circuit. Armed with a 5.5 liter Judd V10…


Dunhill USB Key features a Bulldog

Agreed Dunhill prides itself in churning out pretty fancy stuff for people with deep pockets, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why they have to come out with…


The priciest salon is run by Orlando Pita

This salon would definitely attract all the elite class who are ready to pay a handsome fee for a stylist who can turn the haircut in their mind’s eye into a reality….

Luxury Links of the week

Ceramic Gun Vases Offer a New Way to Stick ‘Em Up – [Link] The Ultimate Indoor Entertainment Space – [Link] Armani interiors Penthouses at 20 Pine in Manhattan – [Link] The most…