Moonlight Necklace disgraces the Real Moon

The beauty of the Moon is unparalleled, but it sure can be matched to the Moon light necklace, which features as many stones as to dazzle like the moonlight. First, there’s the…


Goose Figurine & Golden Egg

We’ve slept countless nights listening to the stories spun out by granny and mommy. Of course, few of them are made up, but most of them are so real that they’ve turned…


The world’s most expensive iPhone

Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson has something more to add to his kitty – ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the Aloisson designed iPhone – the world’s most expensive iPhone….


The world’s most expensive iPod

How do you make a $50 iPod Shuffle worth thousands of dollars? Sprinkle it with 430 eye-catching diamonds and plate the controls with solid 18k white and pink gold. After all this…


Model M of Geneva Sound System

The Model M of Geneva Sound System is a complete range of audio system you ever wanted. It has an iPod docking station, Cd player and a Radio with a tremendous sound….