A boxer’s luxurious trip to Tel Aviv for $32,000

If you thought only high class business men can travel in Business class then think again. Rivkah, an Israeli woman paid $32,000 to allow her dog to travel in Business class with her from Paris to Tel Aviv. Rivkah paid for an entire compartment of the business class to carry her Boxer and a vet on a four hour flight. El AI had were surprised on having such a request but agreed because she promised to pay extra for the dog. Many seats had to be removed in the Business Class to make room for the big cage.

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Rivkah did not want to leave Orchuk (her dog) with the cargo so she did not think twice before paying extra. Rivkah has Orchuk with her since eight years and four months. Rivkah takes care of him like her own baby. All that she wanted was that her baby should be with her so she could take care of him during the flight.

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