Korean company can clone your dead dog and revive your pet love for $100,000

Is your pet your best friend? One you can’t think of leaving ever? Do you not believe in the circle of life and would hold on to your dear pet for as long as you can (afford it)? Read on then for dog cloning is very much a reality at nothing less than $100,000 per BFF. My Friend Again, a dog cloning company now provides you a biopsy kit that will allow owners to preserve the cells of their dog, while she/he is still alive. The biopsy kit is a Styrofoam box with ice packs and vials to store your pet-tissues or biopsy samples which is then shipped back to their cell preservation and Storage company in Korea.

A simple procedure done under the guidance of a veterinarian at home, the dog will first be put under anesthesia and a surgery conducted to extract quality tissue and cells from your dog. These cells are cultured from the sample tissue to ensure that the cells are viable. The cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage container. The cost to store the cells are about $100 per year. The entire process takes about six months for the clones to be born and once born, will have to be under observation for at least two month before he/she can head home.

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So will he/she truly be like your very own dog? According to the company, that depends on you. If the new clone grows up in the same environment as the original pet dog, then their personalities are expected to be similar. Or if you’re lucky and the soul of your dead pet will find his clone and returns in him/her, then they could be exceptionally similar.

Worth the effort and money when you think of the joy at having your pet come back alive from the dead?

No? Me too, I’m afraid. Though my real fear lies in this process evolving to successful human cloning! Dear lord, No!

My Friend Again provides dog cloning services is the USA too.

[Via – My-Friend-Again]